”We set our own limitations”

Both my worst and enemy and my best friend is myself!

Throughout high school I had profound fear for public speaking. An audience consisting of more than 10 people would cause my voice tremble and my discomfort would be felt in the entire room as the lump in my throat grew.

Three years later I stood before a crowd of 1500 at Helsingborg’s business week to lecture about the subjects that I am most passionate about: Mental training and personal leadership. I had mastered my greatest fear and now found that public speaking is one of my greatest joys in life.

My drive sits in my ability to get people to think, evaluate and react to create critical changes in their lives. To reach one’s own full potential is a right we all should have. But it’s up to us to make this happen. My role is to share the tools and experience that I’ve picked up within mental training, psychology and personal leadership so you can reach your dreams.

Ask yourself the question, “what am I afraid to fail at”. Is this fear preventing me from fully being myself and reach my full potential? One of my greatest insights is that people’s limitations are usually the ones them set from themselves. What limitations do you set for yourself?

My major focus for the past 5 years has been find out who i really am and explore ways of expressing that outwards. I’ve studied how our hearts and brains go together in what I like to call the world’s longest half-meter and how our thoughts create the experiences we see around us. Personal development is for me to become more of myself. So what will it take for you to become more of yourself? And challenge yourself to follow your innermost dreams.

Today I have the privilege to lecture companies, organizations and schools about the importance of training their personal leadership. And the organization of Forza of Sweden I co-founded has in recent years given me the opportunity to meet thousands of driven youths who are constantly taking action to follow their dreams. The common denominator is that the will to succeed needs to be stronger than the fear of failure.

“Do not be afraid to fail, not be afraid to try.”

Thank you for reading, warm hug from Staffan Taylor