”We set our own limitations”

Both my worst enemy and my best friend is myself!

Throughout high school, I had profound fear for public speaking. An audience of more than 10 people would make my voice tremble. My inconvenience could be sensed in the entire room while the lump in my throat grew. 

Three years later, I stood before 1500 spectators at Helsingborg’s business week lecturing on the area I am most passionate about (Self leadership). That very day I truly challenged my greatest fear, taking a step towards mastering my skill in public speaking. I had discovered my passion and one of my greatest joys in life.

I strive to get people to think, evaluate and reflect driving them to make changes in their life with all my potential. To discover and attain one’s total competency is a right we all should owe to ourselves and pave our ways to reach there.  My mission is to share my tools and learnings I have acquired from my experience in kindness, inspiration and self-leadership guiding everyone to pursue their dreams. 

Question yourself: “What am I afraid to fail at? ”.  Is this fear preventing me from being myself and reaching my full potential? One of my greatest insights is that one’s limitation is usually set by oneself. What are the limitations have you set for yourself?

My major focus for the past 10 years has been to find out who I really am and exploring ways to express myself. And during the road I understood many can relate to my story. Personal development for me is to become more of ourselves. So what will it take for you to become more of yourself? Would you challenge yourself to follow your innermost dreams?

Today, I have the privilege to lecture companies, organizations, and schools about the importance of training their self leadership. Every year, I have the honor to meet thousands of driven youths who are constantly taking action to follow their dreams. The essence of my mission is to strengthen your will to succeed and make it stronger than your fear of failure.

Thank you for reading, warm hug and high-five from Staffan Taylor