Lou Rossling:
Some people have been given the wonderful gift of brightening up the road for the rest of us. I can promise you that Staffan has this gift. With a big heart and the ability to touch people, Staffan inspires us to take the baton and become the leaders of our own lives.

– Lou Rossling, Lecturer and Educator

Jonathan Rudman

Jonathan Rudman:
With passion and enthusiasm Staffan got students at School to start thinking about how they can feel better through mental training and reach their goal. The crowd walked away with new ideas and tools that allowed them to see possibilities instead of problems. He’s a fantastic lecturer who I definitely want to hear more times!

– Jonathan Rudman, Chairman of Entrepreneurship Society at the Stockholm School of Economics


Helen Von Platen:
“Through an explosion of energy Staffan inspired a suspenseful audience of 1500 that the drive to succeed needs to exceed one’s fear of failure. He did not disappoint.”

Helen Von Platen, Project Manager for Helsingborg Business Week


Christer Rasmusson:
“Staffan Taylor held a very successful lecture for the Young Professionals Network operated by Grant Thornton. The lecture was inspiring and I think everyone walked away with ideas on how they could use their time in a better, more productive way to achieve their goals and dreams.”
– Christer Rasmusson, Grant Thornton

Joakim Jardenberg

Joakim Jardenberg:
Staffan Taylor lights up any room, and is an inexhaustible force. Outstandingly energetic and inspiring. I have had the pleasure to work with him as a moderator on numerous occasions and there’s no one I’d rather have as cicerone through a program. Staffan is the complete package.

– Joakim Jardenberg, Internet Guru


Thomas Ek:
I had the great pleasure of participating in the Helsingborg Business Days together with Staffan Taylor. I was impressed by Staffan’s energy and high intensity. His charisma made him contagious so that the entire audience was engaged.

– Thomas Ek, former CEO and Co-owner of OBH Nordica

Eva Hemström - Vis Kommunkation

Eva Hemström:
Thanks Staffan Taylor for this mornings lecture at Helsingborgs Breakfast Club! Your intensity and charisma blew us away.

– Eva Hemström, Vis kommunikation

Andrea Mesterbasic

Andrea Mesterbasic:
Staffan is a great role model for me! Staffan has increased my faith in myself and made me dare to trust my own abilities to the fullest.

Andrea Mesterbasic, Entrepreneur


Kaj Jones:
Through creative metaphors and excellent rhetoric Staffan inspired the whole crowd here at Capgemini. Us consultants were introduced to concrete tools that were useful for discovering possibilities where we saw problems. His lecture left no one indifferent, and we left with the realization that the only one with control over our thoughts is ourselves.

– Kaj Jones, Capgemini